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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> the meeting is called to order, at 5:34, i would like to thank you for making the meeting possible and for members of the public if you could remember to turn off your cell phone and with that, mr. president, i shall call, do roll call. >> yes. >> and commissioner steve adams? >> here. >> dooley. >> here. >> dwight. >> here. >> ortiz-cartagena is absent. >> commissioner tour-sarkissian? >> here. >> and commissioner riley. >> and commissioner white. >> here. >> mr. president, you have a quorum. >> next item please.
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>> before we can move into the minutes commissioners i want to let you know that there was a photo copying error with the agenda and so the second page is missing but what is missing is just the president's report, or the vice president's report, the standard items so, the president has a full copy, and we will read you through that. >> and all right, item number 2, is general public comment, and allows the members of the public to comment on matters within the commissioner's purview and considers new items for the future consideration. >> do we have any members of the public that would like to make a comment? >> seeing number. >> item three is approval of the july, 14th, meeting minutes. >> i move.
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>> that was commissioner riley? >> yes. >> moved. >> and they have been approved. >> item four is discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors, and on file number 1 40724, nighttime entertainment and general uses greater than 250,000 square feet in the western soma area, this ordinance is amending the planning code to delete the prohiks against the uses exceeding 25,000 square feet in the commercial district to authorize, a entertainment use, in the mixed use and office zoning district in 200 feet of any property with the residential onclave or mixed district. and where nighttime entertainment use exists within five years prior to the application to reestablish the use, and affirming the planning
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department's >> unfortunately, april had a scheduling issue and was not able to be here, and we chose just to hear the item and i sent you a legislative review and so i will, and this is, and this will just give a brief, and also it does, also the middle school need to expand, and it is dealing with the entities that are in the neighborhood and expanding and moving and moving into a space needing larger than 25,000 square feet. and so for 25,000 square feet,
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and this is basically, like she said two entities here, and the procidio middle school, which means, to ex-expand and then the nightclub at 298, 11th street is right on the corner of 11th and fulsome which is if they would like to use it for the shows and if we would like to lose this for the develop sxment this is something that we can use and help with the
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community and i am all for this piece of legislation. >> and it is important to note that supervisor kim has narrowly tailored this so it is existing businesses that are going into larger spaces so these are entities that already existed and operated, and in the neighborhood, and in the area is familiar with. >> right. >> and especially for the tshack will be able to expand and it has a greater benefit not only for in the legislative review. for more performers, and more individuals being able to work, you know, to service the performances, and you know, sound people, and light people and but it also is going to allow touring drag shows to be able to come and come to san francisco. and have a venue to perform in, which, i think has not fully been there from what i understand. >> yes. >> commissioner, riley? >> yes. is this going to be specific to
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this location? >> yes. >> item four? >> public comment. >> public comment is closed, move to approve. >> second. >> and going to take a roll call. >> yes. commissioner adams? >> yes. >> dooley. >> yes.
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>> dwight. >> yes. >> commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> yes. >> and riley >> yes. >> and white. >> yes. >> and ortiz-cartagena is absent. >> so mr. president, that moves forward with your recommendation 6-0. >> thank you. >> and i am excited. >> number five, this is a presentation and discussion on the nfl's business contact program. and for the san francisco bay area, super bowl 50 and i would like to the presentation is by jason of the vp of community relations for the san francisco bay area super bowl, 50, i can't speak tonight, the host committee and, so welcome, and sfgov tv and at some moment,
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>> thank you. >> and thank you for inviting us and the commissioners for having the super bowl host here in evening and also want to acknowledge the colleagues and for, the communication and marketing, for the host committee, and as we take questions, at the appropriate time and i might call upon her. as you know, the big game is coming to the region on february the 7th, 2016 and the region is proud to be hosting the 50th celebration and playing on the super bowl, and the first was played in california, and it was the 50th and the golden anniversary and we are here and excited that it is here in the state and i am going to do a brief presentation that will just take a few slides and then, open to any discussion. >> so go ahead. >> yes. >> great. >> so, the host committee and i
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just wanted to say about who it is as an organization and we are a 501 c6, non-profit and similar to a chamber of commerce or a commissioner or a center, we are working in partnership, with obviously the bay area, and public official and corporations and the communities, and of course, the nfl, to host, an excellent super bowl, and attend the games, or attend events, and of course, engage the bay area, and community, in the run up to the super bowl, 50 and this includes managing all aspects of the planning and the production and the force of rule, 50, securing the funding necessary to host the super bowl, 50, and insuring that i think that this is important for the content that we will discuss tonight that the fabric is wo ven into the super bowl experience for the entire bay area region and provides opportunities for the communities to actively participate. and one of the reasons, that we are doing this super bowl and clearly a reason that i am here
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for you tonight is the business connect program and this is an nfl supplier, and its intent is to engage the local and diverse community in the procurement opportunities related to super bowl, so we as a host committee are responsible for helping the nfl execute locally and we work with the nfl, and again, the key public and private particular holders to connect our local business and diverse business community to the super bowl, procurement and networking and businesses development opportunities.
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>> we are in the process for developing the partnerships, and they are to be determined, but these categories in particular obviously reflect our interest, in the area and promoting these entities as part of the business connect program and to network, and to help these businesses, meet the suppliers that it works with
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and meet with each other in the diverse areas in the region, and resource the businesses, and this is an opportunity to engage in our small business community in the many resources that we have available, and and to help them be successful and not just businesss that do the businesses with the nfl. and i keep referring to this but it is not working. and the core component of the business connect and, and it takes effect for the host committee put on for the diverse and, they introduce the program that talk about and talk about the requirements to participate in the program, and again, and ultimately the deliverable for the nfl is a resource guide and you can
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think of it as a data base, as the diverse small businesses that were certificated or previously certificated by the certifying partner and that data base is available publicly and serves as a resource for us and the host committee in the own purchasing as well as the community at large and specifically available to the nfl and the tier one contractors to use, specifically for their procurement needs in the area, region related to super bowl 50, and so that resource guide is a data base on the back end and has a public face that allows the show case the businesses in a point and anyone who is interested in doing business, and the next slides, and the program launch and timing and this is really at a high level and the two-phase, program and the program launch thises fall and there is a six month window, during which the workshops happen and the business community is informed of the
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program, and a number of that is the time that the business community is asked to register if they are not certificated through the partners which again are still in the planning phases to be determined, which ones we will use. and the phase kind of closes with the end of the program, and the beginning of the procurement, starting early next year and that allows for the nfl and the suppliers to start using the data base that we created and certificated the minority women and businesses for their procurement needs and the rfps and communicate with the suppliers and engage them in the procurement process. >> and another one is a high level, and presentation, and i think that underneath it, the important part about engaging
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the local, diverse community and we see this as a great opportunity to link them to the nfl and the procurement process for the super bowl, 50 and to engage them, with some of our corporate supporters who are also, have supply the diversety programs and for whom the programs will open up the doors for the procurement in the municipal levels and the corporate partner and i will conclude the formal part of the presentation and open to the questions from the commission. >> great. thank you very much. >> commissioner dwight? >> hi, and thanks for the presentation. if i am to read this directly, that this is an exclusively for mw and dv, bs so and the first part of your question is correct and this particular program and this specific program is for mwdde, however,
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the second half of the question, the opportunities for contracting for the other businesses ininclusive of the other businesses, but other businesses there are other contracting opportunities related to the super bowl, 50 but the exclusive in any super bowl that has happened in the past, and exclusive contracting does not come solely through this program and it is however, in the purpose of the presentation to just talk about this specific program, and as it has a formal kind of shape to it, and it is part of the nf, and part of the requirements for the nfl and to operate. >> and so i misunderstood the presentation that was made to the chamber of commerce. >> it was about small, local businesses. >> we represent the small, local businesses in the entirety here, so this is a great program, and fantastic, but it excludes a big part of our constituency, and if there is no formal out reach, program, like this, then we are going to be you know, kind of where we are at, with the
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america's cup. no business, and we did, zero business with it is america's cup n small business with the very few exceptions, and so, i was very hopeful when i heard your director, and your executive director, present at the chamber of commerce that this was a program for all small businesses and so i am a little surprised, that this is restrictive as it is, that is all. >> commissioner white, you had mentioned, out reach and certification and i wanted to know, two things, what kind of out reach will you be doing to be diverse, businesses, local. and second, what does the certification entail, is there a cost or how do they get certificated? >> yes, thank you for those questions. and the first answer, is that the out reach will take place through the channels that service the small business community at large and in particular, our chambers of commerce and so all of the chambers of commerce, whether
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they be for a lack of a better term, an affiliated chamber that they have a non-affiliated and those chambers will be how the out reach is done about in this particular program and those chambers will be a primary vehicle, by which we do the out reach to the business community, and the second vehicle, primarily vehicle, is the certifying partner and again, while i am this through
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super bowl 50 is targeted at certificated minorities with the disabled veterans and businesses. >> >> any other commissioner questions? at this time? >> commissioner riley. >> yes, your program is specifically for the minority, and the woman owned business and all of that. what if it is a regular business that does not fit in that category, and who wants to do the business with the super bowl 50?
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anyone doing business, we ourselves are one of the purchasers and i am happy to be a conduit and we ourselves are going to do out reach to the business community for the procurement opportunities and we are going to engage, the local and small business and diverse and i don't like the use the terms and so i won't use that, and but the broad, small and business community, and we already are, as an entity, and i would say, that as we make public, this program, we will also make public where people are unable to contact regarding procurement opportunities to super bowl, 50, and be it a business that can be. >> and it would not be you then, to contact the good opportunity. and it will not be through you, because you are handling these
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programs. >> we talked about the workshop and how does one find out about
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these? to this office because right now, i and i actually know the minority owned businesses that probably would like to participate and how do they get involved in >> we would actually be very pleased to have the city of the san francisco small business commission be an out reach partner for us and we will provide that information and it is not available yet and as the program is, with enough lead time, until the launch we will provide that information to this order and we hope that you will be able to get this to your members. >> when do you think that you will be launching. >> our intent is to launch in november >> i am happy to come back, whenever you would like me to. >> thank you. >>
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>> okay, any other commissioner comments? >> great, thank you, very much. thank you. >> public comment in >> yes, we have public comment on item number five? i applaud you commissioners for looking out for locally owned businesses for being included in the out reach, i am just another suggestion, for an organization, the san francisco small business network, which is an association of 17 or 18 businesses that will pick up the number of associations around the city. >> that is a good one, thank you. >> any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed, and thank you for your presentation, this evening, and i look forward to having you back, and you know,
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>> how many money do you want to be spending with the small, local, diverse business. >> there is no goal as of yet. >> okay. >> okay, thanks. >> okay. >> thank you. okay. next item, please? >> >> item number 6, is presentation and discussion on clinic by the bay, expansion of services to all of san francisco and servicing the needs of healthcare and servicing the healthcare needs of uninsured adults 18 and older. >> presentation by scott, vice president and board of directors clinic by the bay. >> welcome. >> thank you, thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. >> i don't know how much familiarity you all have with the clinic by the bay, but let me back up just for a moment.
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>> the clinic by the way has identified the working uninsured is those between medical and 250 percent of the federal poverty level. and so, as you all know, medical is increased from 100 percent of the federal poverty level to 138 percent, and what we are currently serving now, using the 250 percent of the federal poverty level is single adults we serve only those over 18 and over. but 2431 dollars, per month, for a single adult, and for a family of four, 4969 dollars.
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we have lost, we will lose about 30 to 40 percent, of the patients that we have right now and we currently have, we had, about 1500, registered patients, we were doing about 280 to 300 patients, and as those numbers are beginning to drop because they are qualifying for medical. and one of the things that we are doing, is while people are qualifying will make a qualified for medical and there may be a wait period and so we will continue to serve those people, until they get the first appointment. and but the bottom line is that we are going to lose a number of our patients and that is not
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a bad thing. let them know that this program is available and again, it is totally free, and if you are providing health insurance, or if you are not providing health insurance and it is an opportunity for those who follow in the income category and if you but you still have the people that businesses that are providing health insurance but have part time employees
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who don't meet the qualifications, generally it is 30 hours, and so if they are working 25 hours, and it can go down to 20 but as a general rule, the small businesses usually are 30 hours and this is just ab an opportunity to get the part time employees covered also with our clinic and the other, opportunity that we see there, is you are out in the neighborhoods. and you are dealing with customers and we think that this is an opportunity, and you are serving for the customers and you are in an area for north beach or something, and it is difficult for anybody to get there it is obviously available but you may have customers that are coming from the other areas that will have access, and it is possible that some of the people that live in the north beach may want to come to it also. and so what i am here tonight, to ask for, is the commission's
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support of the program, and the out reach of the program, and to get, information out into the hands of the small business community. and about the program, that is available, through the clinic by the bay. and i have also i am working with the other organizations that just started to work with the council of the district merchants and i am working with the mission of the economic development and working with the mayor's office to do the same thing and again what i am asking for is, support, and out reach, to a small business community of san francisco. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and commissioner dwight? >> well, i was not so well informed about this until recently speaking with scott over the phone and i am just really impressed with what you have dealt and the effort that you have put into it and i hope that we can assist you in the out reach and we have talked about how this might relate to


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